The lake at the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah dam, situated 20 kilometers from Rabat-Salé, was created to control the Bouregreg waters. It is an ideal area for promenading, swimming and is a well known windsurfing spot.

In the delightful area surrounding Khemisset, two of the most beautiful stretches of water can be visited, lakes Dayet Roumi and d’Alkanzra.
The hilly countryside around the d’Alkanzra dam is a haven for bird watching.
The natural lake Rouidate (12km from Sidi Yahya Zaër), is the perfect spot for fishing and canoeing.

Maamora Forest is the lung of the area. This expanse of green extends over 134,000 hectares of cork oak and eucalyptus trees. It is one of the biggest forests of its kind, a favorite place for walks and family picnics.

Mkhinza Forest , in the rural region around Sidi Yahya Zaër, has an environmental vocation and is largely composed of cork oak.

Al Harcha Forest is near the plateau of Oulmès. It covers over 3,700 hectares, with a wide range of trees from the typical local cork and white cedar to the oak and argan trees. It is considered a site with ecological and biological potential.

The Oulmes Plateau has given birth to many springs, famous for their purity and supply of mineral water.

Aïn Lalla Hiya Spring takes it source in a most exquisite natural setting.
In 1951, a fervent botanist, the Frenchman Marcel François, had the grand idea of planting species from all over the world in his back yard.

Plants, flowers, water plants and trees from the , , the Antilles and even were seeded side by side on Moroccan soil. The result is breathtaking.

Along winding paths, one can admire more than 1500 exotic plant species.

A real horticultural paradise, these gardens were completely restored in 2005. The promenade is all the more beautiful now.