Rabat Technopolis City of Technology is the materialization of the new purpose in Rabat - Salé in the technology sector.


As part of the government's program of  sectoral development Emergence, this mission is guided by the desire to assert the role of Morocco in the sector of knowledge industries.

Rabat Technopolis will eventually  be extended over 300 hectares. Currently occupying an area of 107 hectares at the entrance to the capital of the Kingdom, in a special area, Rabat Technopolis is based on an original position to offer  modular developments  jobs of new technologies.

Rabat Technopolis has an innovative and airy development , with  infrastructure and management aligned with the  best international standards to make it a the chosen destination for investments and projects related to new technology sectors.


Rabat Technopolis is the network of parks being set up by MEDZ called to create new economic potential for sustained growth in the country.