Sal√© and Rabat owe their prestigious past to the succession of empire builders who treasured these cities as precious jewels. With the Amwaj (¬ę Waves ¬Ľ) project, these cities embark on an ambitious future while embracing their origins.

To settle a 6000 hectares space between Rabat and Salé to make a place of cohesion and integration of both cities.



Concerning a 6000 hectares global zone, the development of the Bouregreg valley aims at rehabilitatingthe site and at promoting the space in the strict respect for the fauna and for the flora.

The Jewels Residence

By the development of this very valley, it is mainly a question of making of this bed of river, a link of organic articulation between the city of Rabat and Salé, as well as for the crossing from a bank to the other one as for public places to be exploited in common.


From then on, the valley of Bouregreg will not be a simple place of transit any more, but a city for itself. Since the official launch of the Bouregreg Project by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI on January 7th, 2006, the work took a decisive bend on the way of realization of this ambitious project. The studies and the works concerned at first the Sequence I called Bab Al Bahr, and the Sequence II, Amwaj, whose terms of finalization and development are planned for 2012.


The Bouregreg project counts nevertheless 4 other sequences called to know the same treatment within the framework of a global and integrated approach ,some of these sequences are at the stage of relatively advanced study.




Global space of development 6000 ha
Building space Approximately 15 %
Depth of the Valley 15 km
Height of the new bridgeMoulay El Hassan12,8 m
Development Bab Al Bahr $ 750 million
Development Amwaj $ 3 billion



Text and photos source: Bourgreg Agency

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River Perspective

Sequences of the Bouregreg Project


Sequence I - Bab Al Bahr
Sequence II - Amwaj
Sequence III - Kasabati Abi Raqraq
Sequence IV - Wadi Al Sahrij
Sequence V - El Menzah Al Kabir
Sequence VI - Bouhayrat As Souhoul