Famous all over the world, the Moroccan Cuisine occupies a privileged place in the universal art of cooking.

Its richness in aromas, in spices and in flavours managed to flatter various papillae and to seduce the fine gourmets.

Delicious by its taste and subtle by its scents, the Moroccan Cuisine is a delicious mixture of sweet and salty food. It associates the sweetness of fruits and seeds with the salty steams of meats and spiced vegetables to propose numerous recipes in any occasion: relaxed and traditional meals or parties’ menus.

After all, the Moroccan Cuisine  is a mix Cuisine. A nutrient broth from which we extracted brilliantly a delicate, generous and sophisticated gastronomy. The Couscous ofSeven vegetables is the most popular national dish to Rbattis, but it also managed to conquer fortified towns in many foreign countries.

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