Beautiful year-round weather on the Atlantic coast, an exceptionally rich history, all make Rabat-Salé a first choice tourist destination.

Its coastline extends about 60 kilometers and consists of a succession of beautiful beaches, both rocky and find sand. The countryside offers an ecological diversity ideal for hiking.

Its unique cultural and historical legacy reflects the diverse heritage which shaped the Two Shoresof the Bouregreg, throughout the centuries.


Rabat and Salé have kept their rich historical and cultural heritage, which is a testimony to previous dynasties and civilizations.

During the French Protectorate, Rabat became a real urban laboratory. A new city was created by a team of architects, city planners and landscape desi gners (Prost, Ecochard and Forestier) who laid the ground for the new town. This gave Rabat a genuine urban architecture and infrastructure with a vibrant city center complete with luscious green parks.